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About Udi Glaser

Udi Glaser offers guitar lessons in North and Central London. Udi is an experienced guitar teacher who has been teaching since 2002 in local schools and giving private and group guitar lessons. He is a registered guitar teacher as a member of RGT – Registry of Guitar Tutors. Among his students are well known celebrities.

Guitar lessons take place in his home studio in north London – Crouch End,Highgate area. Udi teaches all levels including beginners and covers a vast range of guitar styles and genres, such as: Classical guitar, Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Spanish guitar, Ethnic and World Music and many more. Udi also teaches how to use the correct technique when playing guitar, improvise, compose on the guitar, music theory, sight reading, TAB reading and every little thing a guitarist should know.

Udi also gives guitar lessons in London at the comfort your own home (for an additional travel fee).

Udi’s previous studies include a B.A. in Musicology, a Diploma in Sound Control and a Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games, for which he was granted a scholarship in the name of Jeff Beck, the well known guitarist.

Since he picked up a guitar in 1991, Udi has also gained experience on stage as a performing guitarist and in the studio as a session player and recording artist.

Location: Avenue Road, London, London N6 5DU, United Kingdom

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