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South Ogden, Utah, United States

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About Guitar Lessons in Ogden - 6 String Guru

Providing guitar lessons in Ogden, UT full time since 2006 including bass guitar lessons and ukulele. Over 30 years experience teaching, writing and performing. All styles taught including classical, pop, rock, country, blues, jazz, funk, gospel and folk (including fingerstyle). Music theory, notation, tab and improvisation incorporated into lessons.

Mike strives to find a balance between 1) instructional material that leads to rapid improvement in technique and solid musicianship and 2) applying what you’ve learned to have fun playing your favorite music weekly.

Now also providing online lessons using Skype or Google Helpouts

Location: 5151 s 875 e, South Ogden, Utah 84403, United States

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Guitar Lessons in Ogden - 6 String Guru
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