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The classes concentrate on teaching students the proper placement of the hands on the piano, location of the notes and the key signatures.  I give warm up exercises which should be done each day before playing the piano.  Students will learn how to read sheet music for both hands, beginning with the right hand.  Once the student masters the various lessons using the right hand, we will progress to reading and playing the music for the left hand.  Then students will learn to play with both hands.  Easy music sheets will encourage the students and give them more confidence in playing, then we will progress to the easy Disney songs and/or preludes, sonatas of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart or praise and worship music.

Lessons in key signatures involve learning how to transpose music as well, i.e., learning to play songs in other key signatures.  Students will be required to practice at least one half hour or more per day.  Therefore, they will need access to a piano or keyboard each day.  When ready, the student will be able to take part in a recital after twelve lessons and/or participation in a performance for the community once per year.

I am offering voice lessons and have formed a new choral group and will form praise and worship team soon.  On December , 2015, The RI Kids Create City Choral Group sang "Silent Night"at the second intermission at the Providence Bruins game at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI.  For mor information on joining the group, please contact me.


Instructor has opened a music school.  Please see RI Kids Create Music School (RIKCMS).  Contact me at Skype:  ID gail_cavanaugh for questions.

New Workshop!  Learn How to Play Piano Chords -  Sign up today!

Sign up for one-on-one instruction on the chords and inversions.  If you have been seeking a way to improve your music, move to the next level with this intensive class.   Children with at least two years of experience playing the piano are ideal candidates.  All sessions are one half hour long and students will be asked to complete assignments at home.  Must have a piano or keyboard at home and at least one hour a day to practice.  Sessions available Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 4:30 pm and on Saturday by appointment. 


Location: Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871, United States

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Gail Cavanaugh
Easy beginner piano lessons that will make you feel like a pro! Develop your talent and learn new skills.

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