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Portland, Oregon, United States

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I've been a professional performing songwriter since the mid-90's.  I organize my own tours and perform regularly on four continents.  My songs have been downloaded millions of times and are featured regularly on independent media outlets worldwide.  My areas of expertise are in topical songwriting, flat-picking as well as fingerpicking the acoustic guitar, with an emphasis on alternate tunings and driving, rhythmic playing, as well as singing.

I believe musicians learn about music best by listening to music and playing music, but the occasional lesson can be useful.  That's my orientation as a teacher.  That is, if you feel like you could benefit from more than just woodshedding or if you're in a musical rut and looking for ways out, sign up for a lesson or three and see if that helps shake things up.

Location: Portland, Oregon 97202, United States

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David Rovics
I mainly make a living as an internationally-touring singer/songwriter, but I also give private lessons, workshops, and coaching. Areas of expertise include playing the guitar, singing, topical songwriting, and strategies for making a living as a DIY musician.

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