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Comping Strategies for the Jazz Guitarist

Fundamentals of Musical Voice leading

Voice Leading: V for ii Substitution

Taught by: Corey Christiansen

Intermediate, Advanced

This lesson presents an examination of one of the most fundamental chord substitutions in Jazz: the V for ii substitution.


In this lesson, the V for ii substitution is discussed. When a ii chord is called for, a V chord may commonly be substituted in the following ways:

  1. After a ii chord.
  2. A V chord may be used in place of a ii chord.

Also covered in this lesson:

  • Playing melodic material based on a G7 chord, while vamping over a Dm chord.
  • Connecting the notes from G to Dm chord by adding chromatic notes in the lines.
  • Playing melodic lines based on Dm, while vamping a G7 chord.
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