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Comping Strategies for the Jazz Guitarist

Fundamentals of Musical Voice leading

Voice Leading With The ii-V-I Progression

Taught by: Corey Christiansen

Intermediate, Advanced

Learn to make good chord choices based on the musical statement that they make and by effectively connecting chords within a progression through the use of good voice leading.


In this lesson, Corey discusses the proper use of chord selection for navigating through  a ii-V-I chord progression. He encourages the student to make good chord choices based on the chord voicings instead of defaulting to common and/or comfortable "grips." Corey will discuss how to enter and exit a ii-V-I chord progression sucessufully, how to resolve the 7ths of a ii-chord to the 3rd of the V-chord, common tones within the chord progression, and how to resolve alterations.

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    Voice Leading With The ii-V-I Progression

    Voice Leading With The ii-V-I Progression

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