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Comping Strategies for the Jazz Guitarist

Fundamentals of Musical Voice leading

Voice Leading as Applied Jazz Standards

Taught by: Corey Christiansen

Intermediate, Advanced

In this lesson you will learn effective ways to down size chords to their most important elements and apply them to the jazz standard "All The Things You Are".


In this lesson, Corey discusses voice leading with 3rds and 7ths of chords within a chord progression. This concept and technique can be applied to any jazz standard. In this lesson, "All The Things You Are" is used as an example. Throughout the tune, the proper use of this voice leading is employed and demonstrated. The main goal is to outline the sound of the chord in the tune by playing the two most important notes of any given seventh chord which are 3rd and the 7th.

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    Voice Leading Basics

    Voice Leading Basics

    Order of these notes, based on the first part of the progression, from low to high:

    • Fm7:        3rd-7th
    • Bbm7:      7th -3rd
    • Eb7:          3rd-7th
    • Abmaj7:    7th-3rd
    • Dbmaj7:    3rd-7th
    • Dm7:        7th -3rd,
    • Cmaj7:      3rd-7th

    Same concept is applied to the other part of the progression.

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