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Comping Strategies for the Jazz Guitarist

Fundamentals of Musical Voice leading

Voice Leading: Comping With 3rds and 7ths

Taught by: Corey Christiansen

Intermediate, Advanced

Explore the "powerhouse" voice leading intervals, the fourth and the half step, and learn to enhance chord resolutions by creating tension and release.


 The principles of proper Voice Leading are discussed in this lesson. Corey goes through the idea of properly resolve any tensions created in a specifc chord, focusing not only on the 3rds and 7ths off a chord, but also resolving the notes of an altered 7th chord. He also also discusses the creation of tensions in order to to make the sound more interesting and dense.

This lesson includes:

  • Trying to keep the chord shapes the closest possible, in order to have a smooth voice leading.
  • Resolution of the notes in a V chord, resolving to a I chord.
  • Alterations within a chord can be resolved either going up or down, targetting the I chord.

The lesson also incudes:

  • Resolving the 7ths of a ii-chord to the 3rd of the V-chord.
  • Resolving the 3rds of a ii-chord to the 7th of the v-chord (same note)
  • Working with resolving alterations, such as:
  • Flat 5's resolves down to the tonic of the I chord/up to the 9th of the I chord.
  • Sharp 5's resolves down to the 9th of the chord/up to the 3rd of the I chord.
  • Flat 9 resolves down to the 5th of the I chord.
  • Sharp 9 resolves up to the major 7th of the I chord/down to the 6th of the I chord.
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