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8 Tunes You Gotta Know-Guitar Comping Edition

Corey will teach, explain, and guide you through how to comp over eight tune types that, once mastered, will allow you to play over the majority (if not all) the tunes that make up jazz repertoire. The guitar workshop at 8:30 Eastern Time will cover harmonic and comping ideas over the same tunes. There is also a companion course is not instrument specific and meets at 6:30pm Eastern Time on Mondays. Here's the link:

Tunes covered wil be:

Blues (and variations)
Rhythm Changes
So What
All The Things You Are
Tune Up
Stella By Starlight
Giant Steps
Non-Functional Harmony tune TBA (Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock tune)

Hosted by Corey Christiansen

Corey has authored or co-authored over 70 method books and projects for Mel Bay Publications. He has written many articles...

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8 Tunes You Gotta Know-Guitar Comping Edition

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