April Love

Chill Out with a Daily Vocal Routine

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Voice (or Vocals), Synthesizer

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate


In Person, Remote

Being a LA native. I began playing the piano and organ at the age of 4 and, as a kid, writing my first song at 6. I auditioned and performed in a children's singing group and choirs. During my bachelor's degree I studied piano, bass cello and chamber music.

I graduated with an associate's degree with a concentration in music, a bachelor's degree in art and master's degree in interdisciplinary arts combining sound design, songwriting, and animation together. I have taught a variety of topics in the college setting including design, animation and music.

I've written, recorded, produced performed, and toured with my own compositions and played keys in various bands in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I have studied voice with Marta Woodhull of singingforaliving.com.

Most recently, I perform in the band LUCKY+LOVE who self-released a full length record LP for digital, CD and vinyl in 2016.

Location: 1623 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States

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April Love
Chill yourself out by cultivating your breathing and singing routine everyday.

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1623 Allesandro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026
United States


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