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  • Finding Your Inner Ps


    How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice ...goes the old saying. Honestly, singing at Carnegie Hall wasn't even on my radar of immediate desires. I just look forward to whateve...

  • Fall in New York Kitty


    Who doesn't love Fall? The weather is great, the clothes are stylish and pumpkins are everywhere -- especially in everything I want to buy to eat and drink at Trader Joe's. In the past six opera se...

  • England: the land of the Queen and Clotted Cream


    "Home, Sweet Home" was the phrase the other night when we finally settled back in our apartment in NYC after traveling all day from London. Chef Paul was contracted at Glyndebourne Opera for two pr...

  • Feelin' Hot Hot Hot


    Time sure flies when you're busy and having fun! I whole-heartedly agree because this year has been one adventure after another. We rang in the new year in NYC singing and living it up before I wen...

  • Can We Taco About This: Santa Barbara Part Two


    I've been home in NYC for just under a week, but my mind is still thinking about my recent gig and the several weeks spent in Santa Barbara, California. It was truly one of the most beautiful place...

  • Don't Worry Be Happy: Santa Barbara Part One


    I just finished a truly remarkable few weeks singing with Opera Santa Barbara in their production of Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love. "Elixir" is significant to me because it was one of my first ope...

  • Merry Birthday


    Thursday, December 3, 2015 was a really REALLY good day. I am well aware that it was almost two months ago and 2015 is sooooo last year, but this Blog is about my musical and culinary adventures an...

  • Brother, Can You Spare A Lime?


    The end of our time in the small town of Lewes in the United Kingdom is quickly approaching. The nature of the people that live and work here has been extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful. Wha...

  • Technology and Tailgating


    As I type this most of America is still asleep, but it is late morning / early afternoon in England. Throughout my time here, I've utilized the early afternoons to vocalize, sing through repertoire...

  • Feeling Tea-rrific


    Hello friends and family! Although it's been quite some time since my last post, keeping my blog alive is very important to me and there's always something on the "back burner" -- cooking analogy i...

  • Springing, Flinging and Singing


    I just finished up a month of working in Omaha, Nebraska where I enjoyed the spring weather, flinging shoes at Cinderella and singing in Italian! To close my 2013-14 opera season I performed the ro...

  • Home Is Where My Heart Is (for the time being)


    The operatic career is all about scheduling your life--the Who, What, When, Where and then the How (and sometimes the WHY am I doing this??) come much later. Some contracts are secured many years i...

  • End of Summer Shenanigans


    I just got back from a fantastic visit with my parents where we mostly spent our time reminiscing about my wedding from earlier in the summer and petting their adorable cat, Jack. While I was there...

  • Newlyweds in NYC


    Cue the kick line: "It's up to you ( kick ) New ( kick ) York ( kick kick ) New York!!!! Da-da-da-da-da! Da-da-da-da-da!" Chef Paul and I left NYC in May as an engaged couple with 3 weeks left unti...

  • Maine-ly Mozart


    Happy Summer! Greetings from picturesque Bar Harbor, Maine! I've been here for almost two weeks singing with the Bar Harbor Music Festival . First, I prepared a solo recital for an afternoon Tea Co...

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