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Piano, Thumb piano, Violin, guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Flute, Flute: Alto Flute, Flute: Bass Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Saxophone: Bass Saxophone, Clarinet, Clarinet: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet: Alto Clarinet, Clarinet: Basset clarinet, Bass Drum, Drums, Voice (or Vocals)

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jazz , Acid Jazz, Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Azerbaijan Saz, Bebop, Beat, Country, Big Band, Bluegrass, Blues, Bossa, Bossa Nova, Cabaret, Cajun, Celtic, Chamber Music, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Fiddle Music, Folk, Funk, Fusion, Gospel, Grunge, Hip Hop, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, Jazz Guitar , Latin, Merengue, Metal, Modern Jazz, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Native US, New Age, Opera, Trip-Hop, Theory, Techno, Tango, Symphony, Swing, Sonata, Ska, Showtunes, Samba, Rock & Roll, Polka

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From music to art, Almaden School of Music & Art offers all kinds of music and art classes in San Jose. We offer different art & music lessons in San Jose, especially to those who value creativity and expression through music. We are San Jose based music & art school with several reputable professionals as a part of our team.  We believe in providing quality lessons to the students and make them understand the art/music from deep inside. Both these fields (art & music) require your souls involved.



We offer San Jose music lessons for Piano, Violin, Viola, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, and Electric Bass. We also offer art classes in San Jose which includes lessons for Water Color, Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil. You can also be a part of French language class by the experts. Our school remains open 7 days a week with ongoing enrollment. We also help students in their CM test preparation and Orchestra audition preparation. As already mentioned, we have a team of professional musicians who provide quality education.



At Almaden School of Music & Art, we welcome the individuals of all ages. Our students range from 3 years old to 74 years young, from beginners to professionals. They come from as far away as Pleasanton and from as close as around the corner. We also give special fee discounts to the students when someone refer enrolls in our art & music school. Our teachers, both art & music, come from all over the world. Many of our music and art instructors are world class artists or performers whose works are on exhibit. They are also teachers, who are dedicated and hardworking. They share their vast knowledge and experience with every student.

Location: 5353 Almaden Expressway, Suite D208, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

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Almaden School of Music & Art
San Jose Music Lessons – Piano, Violin, Viola, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Electric Bass..

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