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These terms were last modified on June 18, 2019 (version 2.0)

This policy governs the terms for the use of the Live Meeting Service, a service that is offered through the Platform Services, as defined in the Teacher Account Policy ( by a registered Teacher through the site and the respective obligations of the Teacher and


Capitalized terms not defined in this policy statement are defined in the Terms of Use ( or Teacher Account Policy (

"Live Meeting Service" means the service and related technologies that provides to their Teachers to create free and Premium Content that can be sold to any Member through the service. Using this Service, Teachers can create and manage a collection of free and Premium Content in the form of Lessons and Courses, and can set the price of all Content that is created by the Teacher using this service.

"Meeting" or "Meetup" can be used interchangeably and means a web page or web address where a live meeting will be hosted by a registered Teacher of Members will go to this location to attend live meetings, view Recordings of previous meetings, access files and other media, and take part in a discussion.

"Session" means a scheduled date, time, and approximate duration that a live event will take place for a specific Meetup. The live event will hosted by a third-party video conferencing provider, and the Live Meeting Service will provide a link to connect to that service from the Meetup page. A Meetup can contain one or more Sessions.

"Attendee" registered Member who attends one or more Meeting Sessions for one or more Meetups that are hosted by any registered Teacher.

"Recording" means the video and/or audio of a Meeting Session that was electronically captured and stored so that it can be viewed or listened to again.

"Pending Transactions" means any financial transactions that are listed in your account that have not yet been fully processed. Pending transactions are not available until they have been fully processed.

About the Live Meeting Service

The Live Meeting Service is designed to allows registered Teachers and Members to collaborate online using video conferencing technology that provides voice, video and screen-sharing capabilities. As such, the Live Meeting Service is intended for educational use and purposes.

Registered Members of may not use the Services to:

  1. Post, stream or transmit any content, including live video, that violates this Policy.
  2. Do anything illegal, facilitate any illegal activity, or promote violence.
  3. Do anything that threatens, exploits or otherwise harms children.
  4. Engage in any activity that is harmful, obscene, or indecent (particularly as such would be understood in the context of business usage). This includes, for example, displays of nudity, violence, pornography, sexually explicit material, or criminal activity.
  5. Facilitate or support human trafficking.
  6. Engage in any activity that supports or facilitates terrorism or terrorist organizations.
  7. Engage in any activity that is fraudulent, false, or misleading.
  8. Engage in any activity that is defamatory, harassing, threatening or abusive.
  9. Store or transmit any data or material that is fraudulent, unlawful, harassing, libelous, threatening, obscene, indecent or otherwise inappropriate.
  10. Send unauthorized messages, advertising or spam, including unsolicited promotional or commercial content or other mass solicitation material.
  11. Misrepresent the User's identity or affiliation with any entity or organization, or impersonate any other person.
  12. Harvest, collect, or gather user data without consent.
  13. Violate or infringe any intellectual property or proprietary rights of others, including copyrights.
  14. Violate the privacy of others or distribute confidential or personal information of others.
  15. Engage in any activity that is harmful or disruptive to the Services or attempts to circumvent restrictions on access, usage or security of the Services. This includes transmitting viruses, malware or other malicious or destructive code or using tools that mask IP address location or to otherwise circumventing restrictions on use due to regulations or account closures.

If you become aware of any violation of this Policy, please contact at will investigate all reports and take immediate, appropriate action where warranted (in's sole discretion). If any registered Member violates any of the terms of this Live Meetings Attendee Service Policy, may immediately terminate the Member's account, suspend or terminate access or take any other appropriate action, including legal action if warranted.

Fees, Payments

If you choose to use the Live Meeting Service, you will have the ability to set your own price for any Meetup that you create. This price will be charged to Students when they purchase access to the Meetup. An additional $1.99 service fee will be added to the purchase price, which the Student will pay, and will be paid directly to to cover the costs associated with their participation is all Sessions as an Attendee. This additional service fee will not be applied to your account.

In addition to the Fees & Payments section defined in the Teacher Account Policy (, the following terms are applicable. The terms below that are defined in this agreement will supersede any terms that have been defined in the Teacher Account Policy.

  1. Service Fees. Teachers acknowledge and agree to pay a service fee for each sale to access a MeetingĀ that is completed using the Service. The service fee rate is 10% of the purchase price of each Meetup and will be assessed at the time of the sale. For example, if you sell access to a MeetupĀ for $50.00, your account will be credited $50.00 for the purchase, and then a Service Fee of 10% ($5.00) will be deducted, leaving the remaining $45.00 of the purchase price in your account.
  2. Pending Transactions. All Payments that are made by Students to pay for a Meetup will be considered "Pending" until the Meetup has ended. You will be responsible ending your Meetups after you have fulfilled your responsibilities to the Attendees who have purchased access to your Meetup. Once you have ended the Meetup, all pending transactions will fully processed and will be available in your account.
  3. Royalty Rate. Your Royalty Rate is 90%, which is calculated by subtracting the Service Fee percentage from 100% (100% - 10% = 90%)

Reasonable Use provides the Live Meeting Service for educational collaboration. anticipates that customers will use the Service in a reasonable manner given the educational purpose. As such, may limit, suspend or terminate access if Teacher's use exceeds reasonable standards, and may monitor usage based on:

  1. Session lengths;
  2. uninterrupted Session Recordings;
  3. excessive Session Recording lengths;
  4. other patterns indicative of an attempt to evade enforcement of Reasonable Use may determine that abnormal, unreasonable or impermissible usage is occurring based on industry standards and patterns of usage of the Service, and may take appropriate steps, including suspension or termination of the Service. Zoom may first contact the Teacher and discuss appropriate usage and suitable plans to support valid use of the Service.

DISCLAIMER: The Live Meeting Service is currently being developed and is available as a pre-release service, meaning that it is subject to change without notice. Any financial transactions that are processed using this service may be voided at the sole discression of Members who use this service do so at their own risk.

Changes to These Terms

If we decide to change these terms, we will post those changes on this page and update the modification date below.

How To Contact Us

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These terms were last modified on June 18, 2019 (version 2.0)

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