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Electric Blues Solo Lesson in A #1

Taught by: Steve Johnston

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

A 12 bar Electric blues guitar solo is taught and explained in this lesson along with the scales and patterns used.


In this lesson we learn to play a 12 bar blues electric guitar solo. The solo was improvised over a standard twelve bar blues progression in A, then tabbed out and taught in this lesson. The entire solo is explained in minute detail as well as the scales and patterns used to play it. Other aspects of overall playing are discussed too such as pick attack and dynamics. The play along track included with this lesson will allow you to not only play the solo with the track but also practice combining the licks in various ways along with the licks you already know to continue to develop your musical vocabulary ! 

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    Electric Blues Solo in A # 1

    Electric Blues Solo in A # 1

    This lesson teaches a 12 bar blues solo for electric guitar played over a standard slow blues progression in the key of A. The solo is taught note by note including the phrases, bends, slides and techniques used as well as the Scales and Patterns used. These licks can be combined in numerous ways and this concept is examined as well. Pick attack techniques, rakes, and use of dynamics are also taught. These are licks I use every day in countless situations in real life when playing gigs and sessions. This is a fun solo and full of useful and cool sounding licks you can adapt to you own playing.  A play along jam track is included !

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    Complete tablature for Electric Blues Solo in A #1 lesson along with the scales and patterns used.

    Complete Tabs "for Electric Blues Solo #1 in A" lesson. Also included are the scales and patterns used in the solo

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