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Acoustic Blues Solo in E #1

Taught by: Steve Johnston

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In this lesson a twelve bar acoustic blues guitar solo is taught and analyzed along with complete tablature of the solo and scales used.


This lesson is a 12 bar blues guitar solo which was improvised, recorded, and then tabbed out. The tabbed section is played three times in succession at the beginning of the video to allow the listener to become familiar with the solo. In the lesson we will not only learn how to play the solo but also break down the scales and patterns used as well as the phrasing and techniques used in the licks. This solo is performed in a solo acoustic guitar setting but could also be played with a group or in a jam on acoustic or electric.  Most importantly, every one of these licks can also be combined in many ways or played individually and can be used in many styles of music including rock, jazz and even country. As you add more and more licks to your vocabulary you will be able to draw from them to increase your ability to express yourself in your soloing and improvisation. These are classic licks that are fun to play and sound great as well. Enjoy the lesson !

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    Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo in E #1

    Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo in E #1

    In this lesson a cool twelve bar blues acoustic guitar solo is taught, broken down in detail along with complete tabs and analyzed as well as the scales and phrasing used in the solo. The licks used in this solo can also be combined in many ways and can be used for almost any style of music !  

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    Tablature for Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo in E #1

    Complete Tabs for the lesson - Acoustic Blues Solo in E #1 including the scales and patterns used to play the solo

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