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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Classical, Jazz, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Opera, R&B, Theory

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Erin Fisher teaches Singing to all ages and all levels & Beginner Piano to all ages.  Miss Fisher has been teaching Singing & Piano for 5+ years, and has years of professional experience performing.


Erin Fisher's Biography

Erin Fisher embraced her passion for music at age 5, studying and performing singing and piano.  Fisher grew up singing pop, jazz, musical theatre and classical music, before attending the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2003 to further her musical education.

In 2006, Fisher was offered a contract to sing with the Canadian Opera Company in their Ensemble Studio. In 2007, Fisher graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Major in Opera, after which, Fisher sang with the Canadian Opera Company for three seasons.

Fisher has performed numerous operatic roles, musical theatre roles and art songs. She has worked with prestigious conductors and directors and top teachers and coaches in North America and Europe.

Upon the moment of expectation of embarking on a career as an opera singer, Miss Fisher felt something shift.  A career in opera was no longer the path that held the most joy.  When Fisher turned her attention to teaching, she quickly realized this was an important career shift.



                                       My love of teaching is deeper than passion;
                                          teaching is my vocation, my purpose.  
                                             It is my fuel and inspiration to be
                                           a constant student of music and of life.
                                     No matter what happens in my performing life,
                                                      I will always be a teacher.



Fisher has always deeply valued her spiritual journey, and after 3 seasons with the Canadian Opera Co., she took time to nurture herself, grow in awareness, and expand spiritually.  She trained in holistic healing and sound therapy, and in 2011, graduated with a diploma in Holistic Energetics.  In 2013, she attended Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sound Intensive.  Fisher is aware of the innate power of sound and energetic vibration and feels it is part of her path to teach and assist others in experiencing this power through teaching music, wellness and meditation.

Miss Fisher created her own studio, and started teaching singing and beginner piano full-time to students of all ages.  Fisher is pursuing performing, but has placed teaching in the forefront. 


Location: 38 Kenaston Gardens, Toronto, Ontario M2K 1G8, Canada

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Erin Fisher
"You have the music in you. It s time to Reveal Your Song." ~ Erin Fisher

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