Debbie Heimberger

Professional ONLINE private piano and keyboard teacher

Educator, 501 score
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United States


Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Classical, Showtunes, Sonata, Gospel, Folk, Theory

In Person, Group Classes

Accomplished, professional piano teacher with a wide-ranging knowledge of proven piano instruction methods and techniques.

I have thirty+ years of extensive experience in inspiring and motivating piano students of all age groups at all musical levels.

I have a proven track record of teaching, motivating and guiding students while maintaining a high interest level and achievement.

Education includes:
Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance
Master of Arts - Leadership

My piano teaching philosophy is to encourage, motivate and 'make music fun' for those who want to learn to play music. Since motivating and encouraging students can mean using different techniques for each student, I tailor lessons to meet the unique needs and skill levels of each individual.

My teaching style is to maintain a nurturing approach to teaching.... praising the 'things done well' before discussing and working through the places that need 'tweaking'. A student never leaves my studio feeling belittled, but motivated to try even harder!

Piano instruction is currently being offered ONLINE all around the world. Students accepted in my studio are from 6 years of age to adult, and from beginner to advanced.

I am a proud member of MTNA - Music Teachers National Association and GMTA - Georgia Music Teachers Association.

Location: United States

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Debbie Heimberger
Professional private ONLINE piano and keyboard teacher with students around the world. Currently accepting students from age 6 to adult, from beginner to advanced.

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