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This year is a big year for me. My wife and I are expecting our first child (Declan), we will be homeowners for a year, married for 5 years (together for 11), and I'll be turning 30. When I stop to consider how far I've come so far I find it unimaginable. So often I keep my head down and continue pushing forward so as not to consider where I've been but only where I'm going. This has lead to quite the journey so far both in my personal life and musical endeavors. So as I stop to take a breather I find that it is a perfect time to document where I am musically.

2 years has passed since my last album release. During this time I've been working on my approach to the guitar to really find my voice. I find this to be evident in my compositions as well. Unlike the last album, I am reaching out to all of you to join me in the making of this album. With your contribution either finically or just by spreading the word, I plan to record and release the new album this September 2015. I have perks that range from receiving a signed copy of the CD to having a Skype lesson with yours truly. Donations can also be made. I have a link below to my Indiegogo page as well as my website.

I'm looking forward to having your support, and as always, I'm thankful for your support so far on this journey. Lets continue pushing forward together!

The Third Day
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