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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Voice (or Vocals), Guitar: Acoustic, Piano, Guitar: Electric, Electronic Organ

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jazz , Bebop, Bluegrass, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Funk, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Jazz Guitar , Modern Jazz, Punk, Rap, Rock & Roll, Swing, Trip-Hop, Reggae

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My name is Andrew Ezell Wash, I AM from Mclain,Mississippi, I was Born in Richton, Mississippi on July 24, 1980 to a Mrs. Lela Bell Wash I currently live in Colorado, I AM from Missisissippi, I have lived in Colorado for 16 years now. I AM a Prophet, a Musician, Poet, Writer, Entrepreneur,Tech Savvy, a Man of Multiply talents, I design,graphics,Album covers,websites,Barbering is a Trade of mine. The Name BigDru is a Childhood Nickname given to me by My Brother James Hugger Wash, at The Age of 10 I was called BigDru, B.I.G.-Dru is a Stylized version meaning-Bu$ine$$ I$ Good-Dru! I have been singing since I was 7 years old, I started singing with My Uncle's Choir in Black Creek, Mississippi, I also sung with The Choir in Benndale, Mississippi at The Church My Mother attended, I started Rapping when I was 10 years old, I have been singing my Whole Life, The Church is My Foundation and Background!

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910, United States

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Andrew Wash
YAHUWAH! Thanks and Welcome, Hopefully we can All continue to strive towards Greatness!

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