Zena Smith

Zena Smith

Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom

guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Acoustic, Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitar

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

jazz , Country, Folk, Jazz Guitar , Gospel, Latin, Blues, Dance, Bossa, Showtunes, Swing, Rock & Roll, Reggae, Theory

In Person, Remote, Group Classes

Hi There, I am a jazz guitarist working in West Cornwall, offering tuition to all ages and abilities. I have been teaching for many years and enjoy meeting new students with an interest in learning more about music, theory and technique. I can help get you started if you have never played before and equally help you along your musical journey if you've been playing a while too. I maintain that it has to be fun to learn otherwise practising can become a chore. Therefore I try to deliver lessons which motivate and keep the subject fun.

Location: 57 Vyvyan Street, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8AS, United Kingdom

I love to be different

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57 Vyvyan Street
Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8AS
United Kingdom




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