Introducing YouTube for Musicians!

A Musician-friendly Browser Extension for

Now you can add our loved video controller directly to! Musicians all over the world use it because it makes practicing easier and more efficient. You can set loops, change playback speed, fast-forward, and rewind with controls that never hide on you.


The video above is shown with our musician-friendly video controls, which is what our browser extension will add to videos that you watch on Give it a whirl! Watch this video without the controller.

Browser Support

The following browsers are currently supported. Versions for Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox will be available soon. You are viewing this page with the CCBot browser.

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Why Do I Need This Extension?

Musicians use YouTube all the time to learn music, but the YouTube video controller is not ideal to use when you want to repeat sections of a song. Our browser extension solves this problem by adding our musician-friendly controls directly to videos you watch on

What Does The Extension Do?

The YouTube for Musicians browser extension adds a simple, musician-friendly video controller directly below a video you watch on Features include:

  • Create repeating loops

  • Add a delay at the end of your loops

  • Quickly import videos into your song library

  • Your privacy is important, we do not track users!

  • Controls do not auto-hide when video is playing

  • YouTube native controls are still available

Feedback & Support

Please send us an email at if you have any feedback, questions, or problems using this extension.

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Enhanced for Musicians

YouTube for Musicians


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