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Your Space Music Lessons

North Uist, Scotland, United Kingdom


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My name is Olwen Macleod. I've been a music teacher on the Scottish island of North Uist in the outer Hebrides for 13 years. We have a reputation for music here. Mendlessohn wrote us a beautiful Overture about our Fingal's cave, many musicians and composers live up here including the previous Master of the Queens Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. The Scottish Islands are beautiful and inspiring places.

Once a year the island ferry brings the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music to adjudicate those of our pupils taking piano exams. Encouraged by their good results the same pupils appear before the examiner a year later and a grade higher - and so it goes on...

I have taught many a starter pupil how to find middle C on the piano and never lost the delight in seeing their faces when they give a good performance of a well learned piece. Some have climbed to the top of the ladder and beyond, studying music at University and making music a full time career for themselves.

And such it is - my music pupils grow up and leave the island - and the lessons stop.

But now, thanks to fibre optic cables and satellite internet we are able to link music makers and teachers together wherever they may be.  Our teachers are rich in study and performance experience and we offer you the very best in quality tuition.



Location: Stromdearg,, Lochmaddy, North Uist, Scotland HS6 5AE, United Kingdom

Your Space Music Lessons
From our North Uist Scottish island home we teach piano over the Internet to anyone, anywhere.

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