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This summer, I made the wisest choice of my life!


The best part about my summer vacation this time was to join the music school NYC. This is the first time I went there although my cousins have been going there for years. Every other time, my mom would put me in baseball camps during the summer vacations. I also went for swimming sessions once or twice. But this time I had the chance!

Never does my mom ask me about a choice! She's pretty sure she knows the best about me! I also really do not bother. I am that lackadaisical and lazy type of a guy who likes reading books rather than jumping around! But this time, strangely I was asked! She asked me my choice about the upcoming summer vac, which I wasn't really prepared for! So I asked her a day's time and she happily allowed. And the next day when I uttered "jazz piano lessons online", she was head over heels!

Immediately my father got the call in his office with the complaint about my worse choice, and funnily enough, what he said was, "That's a really good choice!". Only God could save him for that mistake from my mom after that!

But I really thought that one night about it! I thought, well, what should I do? Should I go sweat it out in a soccer camp this time, to take care of my little tummy? Or should I go back to swim where I can meet Laura, a rare opportunity for me, and also make mom happy! In the morning, I was sure I ain't doing either of it! It's my holiday, and I am going to make only myself happy! So, jazz piano lessons online, that's it!

It would be a wonderful chance for me, I thought! I am a couch potato by birth, and like reading rather than soccer! So this time, the online classes are going to save me from running around! I can simply attend them from my home. Most importantly, I really wanted to do something intellectual rather than physical this time!

The summer jazz intensives are something that I had heard from my cousins from long ago. I could sense from them how deep the learning was and how internally one would feel happier by attending them. From long ago, I had in my mind that if I have to do something worthwhile on my holidays, it would definitely be the summer jazz intensives.

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