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Add spice to your marriage after attending the fortnightly music camps every summer!


It is important for any individual to get some time out for self. As we grow up, it becomes difficult for an individual to get this free time. In the teen ages, they have a good deal of time but hardly know how to utilize them. But when an adult, there are so many things to do that even if one knows what can be done, one does not get the time.Having this me-time is actually important for all. It helps us rediscover ourselves and our talents, and helps us to be creative. This in turn facilitates us in overcoming the stress that we accumulate down the day. The stress when accumulated makes us physically and mentally unhealthy. We feel sick and frustrated over time. Our nature becomes boring and irritating.

It is thus very important to go through recreation time and again. For adults, there is an option to join a music class every evening, but again, one can miss them regularly due to work pressure. Even a 3-day a week class can help, but often, the adults have family commitments too that make them lose the interest over time. The best way out is to join workshops that are time bound and last for a week or two. The summer jazz intensives can actually help in this way. The music schools organize them for a fortnight or two every summer, and among joiners are mostly the adults who once were lovers and players of music but today do not get enough time for these things.
The summer jazz intensives are exactly what a working mom would prefer! It is in summers that their kids have some time out of their busy daily schedule of schools and home works. Even the kids can be sent to other's places like that of the grandparents for a while. The time that comes out for a working mom, besides romancing with the hubby, can be best utilized by joining the summer music camps at a nearby NYC music school. This way, one can get back to the good old days of living with music, at least for a fortnight! The boost of the musical vitamin can be good enough to linger on for one more year till the next time the summer jazz intensiveshappen. Besides reducing your stress largely, it can add that romantic boost in your love life that you have been missing quite for sometime!

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