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New york, NY, United States

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Hello, my name is Nico Pollak, and I would be happy to teach to anyone who has interest in music at ALL LEVELS. I have more than 10 years of experience playing, composing and arranging many genres of music. 

Recently I completed my Master's degree at the jazz program at NYU. There I got to play and learn from many of the top musicians like Peter Bernstein, Martin Wind, Brad Shepik, Ari Hoenig, John Hadfield, Tony Moreno, Michael Wolf, between others. 
You are welcome to come to my apartment in the UES or I can come over to yours (the price may vary according to the area)

I hope to hear about you soon!  

You can learn to:

- Play your favorite songs.

- Read all kinds of music notation (tablature, sheet music, chord charts)

- Learn how to practice in the most efficient way

- Understand music better and get tools to write your own songs


Location: New york, NY 10028, United States

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Nicolas Pollak

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