Stacy Kummer

Stacy Kummer

Maple Valley, WA, United States

Piano, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Rock & Roll, Classical, Blues, Metal

In Person

My background education, training, teaching experience and performances includes Kaiserslautern Germany , Schaller Music School of Germany, Bachelor of Music — DePaul University School of Music, DePaul University Guitar Ensemble. I have been teaching private music lessons for over 15 years.

I would be delighted to help you reach your music goals! I've been teaching private lessons and classes since 2000. I love helping my students learn how to play their instruments and learn about music, particularly in understanding the elements of music, musicianship, and personal expression. I obtained my Bachelors of Music at DePaul University School of Music. 

Location: Maple Valley, WA 98038, United States

Stacy Kummer

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