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About Mirko Mirko.Zanotti21@gmail.Com

Hello there! I'm a passionate musician and educator born in Latina, Italy on February 20, 1991. My musical journey began at age 9 with classical guitar, and since then, I've achieved three degrees, including a cum laude master's in classical guitar and chamber music.

I've been recognized with scholarships and awards from prestigious competitions, and I've had the privilege of learning from international Masters in various Master Classes. With years of teaching experience, both privately and at respected institutions like the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Navarra, I've helped students worldwide through online lessons.

Currently, I'm a proud professor at the Scherzo Music Academy in Estella, Spain, where I continue to inspire the next generation of musicians. My story is one of dedication, accomplishment, and a deep love for classical guitar.



taught by a seasoned CONSERVATOIRE PROFESSOR! 🎶

The lessons can be conducted in English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 , or Italian 🇮🇹 , ensuring accessibility for all students. 

Age and musical preferences are not limitations; with qualitative daily practice, rather than sheer quantity, progress can be swiftly observed. 💪🏼 🎶

My approach to classical guitar lessons is centered on tailoring them to each student's individual needs and potential. I prioritize fostering enthusiasm and motivation as primary tools for conveying technical and theoretical concepts, alongside a deep love for music. Lessons are open to students of all ages and skill levels. 🚀

The focus of the course revolves around the joy of playing music. Your favorite genres and pieces will take center stage, with a thorough exploration of their codes and secrets. Together, we'll delve into technical exercises and learn to play pièces of your choice or mine, enriching your repertoire and enhancing your playing style. 🤩

For example, we can reimagine pieces by applying advanced techniques such as the CAGED system, incorporating new chords, positions, and techniques like arpeggios and fingerstyle playing. This expands the instrument's capabilities and your playing skills, ensuring continuous progress and improvement. 👨🏻‍🏫

Upon request, the program also includes theoretical studies, which are presented in an accessible manner suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians. Exercises, pieces, and theoretical explanations are structured in a progressive order of difficulty.🔥

The theoretical program covers a range of topics, including guitar tuning, chord theory, scales and modes, finger picking techniques, strumming patterns, metronome practice, learning favorite songs, improvisation, harmony, melody, and rhythm theory.⚡️

Together, we'll embark on a musical journey tailored to your goals and aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience with the classical guitar.🔝☄️

Location: Estella, Navarra 31200, Spain

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