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Portland, Oregon, United States

Violin, Viola

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Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical, Folk

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Hello, my name is Megan and I am offering beginning violin lessons to adults.  A little about me: I have been playing violin for about 18 years, first starting in school orchestras, then moving on to being in folk and rock bands.  Currently I am a permanent member of the Portland-based band The Tummybuckles as well as am working toward a degree in music from Portland State University.

Most of my experience with violin is playing in bands so though I have a classical background and am currently studying classical style, I will encourage improvisation (my favorite part of music!) in my students.  I believe this is a skill that is essential for a musician to have to play with non-classical groups and to fully express themselves through music. 

I teach exclusively to adult students because I find it incredibly admirable when adults decide to pick up an instrument, especially one as challenging as the violin.  I want to create an encouraging, comfortable, fun environment during my lessons.

Location: Portland, Oregon 97214, United States

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Megan Cronin

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