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I have been teaching for five years, specializing in violin, viola and singing!

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Northampton, Massachusetts, United States

Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass Guitar

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My name is Hillary Dunkley. I have been teaching music lessons for five years. I have had thirteen years of training in violin, viola and voice. I enjoy cultivating a love of music in students of every age and skill level with an empathetic yet disciplined approach that achieves positive results!

In my lessons, I craft an individualized approach based on my student's goals as a musician. My focus is on building upon the fundamentals beginning with excellent posture, correct bow hold and professional quality technique. During each lesson, we will work towards the goal of mastering the technique taught in each piece of music and presenting a polished performance before moving on to a new challenge. Due to the pandemic, online lessons are preferred at this time. At the moment, I have five online students who are progressing very well in their musical studies. Online teaching has provided me with the opportunity to schedule lessons at the student's convenience without considerations for travel time, inclement weather or health limitations impeding our progress.

I charge $30 for a 30 minute lesson, $35 for a 45 minute lesosn, $45 for a sixty minute lesson and $60 for a 90 minute lesson. For payment, I use Venmo and Cashapp. 

I look forward to teaching you! 

Location: 20 Elm St, Northampton, Massachusetts 01063-6304, United States

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Hillary Dunkley Music Studio
I provide my students with outstanding personalized music instruction with an empathetic yet disciplined approach that achieves positive results!

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