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Soloing over Stella by Starlight

Posted 2021-03-25T04:29:57.987Z (edited 2021-03-25T06:36:28.847Z) by Pete M21

Using concepts from Corey Christiansen's "8 Tunes You Gotta Know" course. This week 3/22/21 Corey discussed with the class different ideas and concepts for soloing over Stella. I'll breakdown some of the ideas I used from the class: 1st 2 bars I play A half whole dim scale. Bar 8 I play ii for V (E flat Dorian) for the Backdoor sub A flat 7 and try to land on D the 3rd of B flat. Bar 10 I utilize D harm minor for the minor ii V. In bar 12 I tried to play Bflat Dorian for the E flat backdoor sub and land on A the 3rd of F--not sure what beat the resolution happened on! Bar 16 on the D7 I use the 3 to flat 9 device and some aug triads and whole tone scale for the G7 +5. In bar 19 for the C minor I use 1 for 6 E flat maj7th and then minorize the E flat maj7th to create the E flat min7th (A flat7 backdoor sub) like I did in bar 8. I play Bflat mel minor for the A7 flat 9 in bar 26 and then some arpeggio stuff mixed with A flat mel minor for the D half dim and G7 flat nine. Same with the C half diminished and for the ending F7 flat 9 I throw in a triad pair (D flat and B) and finish with F sharp mel min. I know that's a mouthful but It seemed to kind of work. Let me know what you think. And please let me know what you're working on and how it's going with the concepts Corey taught for Stella this week. If you haven't taken a class from Corey Christiansen yet, check out his studio on here and sign up for the next one! Thanks for reading and watching.  Pete     Sorry about the sideways video! 



  • Wow, nicely done! I like how you are incorporating so many of the ideas we've been learning. Some really nice sounding lines ... especially some of the "out" stuff. I'm focusing on the basics as my triads are terribly deficient. I do try to incorporate some of the concepts from the class into my practice and playing, most recently I'm "minorizing" stuff when it makes sense. Not ready for doing subs on the fly, but hoping to get there soonish!Chris H 2021-03-26T18:11:48.873Z
  • Thanks Chris! Yeah I was trying to jam as much class material as I could into one chorus so it's probably not the most musical sounding thing. I hadn't used the whole tone scale on that G7+5 before but I like Corey's idea to do that. Also, I feel like my triads have along way to go. I only really started practicing them last July when we started this class but I'm practicing triads daily now in one form or an other and it's making a difference in the way I think and play. Thanks again! PetePete M 2021-03-26T19:02:54.863Z
  • I posted some Stella stuff on my fb page Wednesday,,,Stella By Starlight...from the movie The Uninvited... H 2021-03-27T19:41:11.380Z
  • H 2021-03-27T19:47:24.577Z
  • H 2021-03-27T19:48:12.590Z
  • H 2021-03-27T19:49:35.293Z
  • That jazz standards . com has some good stuff on it and I like the Peter Bernstein clip--I've watched that one a couple of times. Thanks for posting Eric!Pete M 2021-03-27T19:59:12.733Z

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Reply — Posted 2021-03-26T20:12:53.970Z
Eric H26

Well, it definitely sounds like jazz but I could not hear Stella clearly except at the beginning.  What you played sounds great and musical.  That's good work.  

Thanks for starting this.  I thought about something like this and have wanted to share some ideas at times.


  • Thanks for the feedback Eric! I put that (experimental) whole tone arp/run on the G7+5 in there for you because I remembered you talking about it in class. Yeah, I'm hoping class members (or anyone else) will want to use this forum to compare notes, share ideas and videos of how we're practicing the concepts from Corey's classes. Thanks for taking the time Eric!Pete M 2021-03-27T16:34:14.300Z

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