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Musicoin For Recording Artists and Songwriters

Posted 2018-01-28T20:45:28.307Z by James W511
  • Teacher

Are you a Recording Artist ? Bitcoin for Professional Musicians Has Arrived ! Free Listening for Your Fans... Tips for You !  Musicoin helps The Songwriters! Have a Great Day. Get Paid. No Middlemen. Total Transparency.

I have only 2 Codes Left Use this Referral Code:



  • I don’t get it. I went to the site and it doesn’t say anything about what it is.JP 2018-01-29T04:48:21.977Z
  • Hi JP The Musicoin site assumes everyone knows about Bitcoin and how it works. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency. It is a accepted Universal Exchange Currency .... This is bitcoin for Musicians - Music Makers get coin tips from Fans. Fans listen for free and leave musicoin tips to the Artists. You have to sign up with a referral code in the beginning. Go to the FAQ's page for answers...Here is the FAQ page: How Bitcoin works: W 2018-01-29T04:58:21.723Z
  • I’m all for musicians making more money. The first link you posted doesn’t show anything other than a sign up page.JP 2018-01-29T07:58:26.947Z
  • Jp I believe that was the intention. Signup.. get started..etc.James W 2018-01-29T08:07:18.510Z
  • Without any information about what you're signing up for, it's a pretty big ask. So it looks like you guys are using Etherium to build your crypto currency, is that correct? What exactly is the benefit to a user today? It doesn't look like you have anything other than a currency and a white paper.JP 2018-01-29T21:59:51.873Z


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Reply — Posted 2018-01-29T22:44:46.647Z (edited 2018-01-29T22:45:33.573Z)
James W511
  • Teacher

You are correct , but it is not me - I don't own the company- the Founders do. I just happen to be optimistic it will go up in value. Etherium is like Silver. Regular Bitcoin is like Gold.  There is a big risk , just like all Stocks on the Markets... Bitcoin stocks are traded on the NYSE... Bitcoin is worth about 11 grand each coin at the moment. Did you know some folks are millionaires now ?

However we got to "invest or die" as they say .... Spotify makes $669 Million a month and pays musicians nothing. Historically, music makers have always been ripped off. At least Musicoin is transparent because of Blockchain technology and cannot be tampered with.




  • While I agree that companies like Spotify are not paying musicians enough, crypto currencies are speculative, and 2018 has so far shown how vulnerable they are. It's still unclear to me exactly what Musicoin is offering... a opportunity to mine musicoins?JP 2018-01-29T23:04:22.870Z
Reply — Posted 2018-01-29T23:25:31.720Z
James W511
  • Teacher

All investments are vunerable. Remember the real estate crash in L.A. ? The top 1% will crush anything they wish to and "sell short" and make billions. Currently Wixen Publishing in Santa Monica are suing Apple, Tidal, Spotify, and others for 1.6 Billion dollars ... you'd rather trust them crooks in L.A. , SF Bay Area , and NYC and Sweden ? Those companies are proven to be crooks. Or would you like to trust something that shows promise of being transparent with the our earnings ?  You have make up your own mind. Musicoin is not exclusive for your placements and earnings - wherever you want to put your material is like the Wild West - it is wide open.  - JW



  • Fair enough. I'm just trying to understand exactly what musicoin is offering today (in this very moment), which appears to be, if I understand correctly, an opportunity to mine the currency. What do you mean by "...wherever you want to put your material is like the Wild West - it is wide open."JP 2018-01-29T23:36:53.723Z
Reply — Posted 2018-01-30T00:14:18.57Z
James W511
  • Teacher

Your calling it "mining the currency" but really it is betting that it will go up in value with the I right? I believe it is based on emotions and belief of what it will do - the stock market rides on emotions...

Regarding my statement "Wherever you want to put your material is like the Wild West - it is wide open." Well JP, You are not uploading songs to the Musicoin site and signing an Exclusivity Contract with Musicoin's founders. You can still place your music on Apple, Spotify, Tidal, and Indie Radio and College Radio, and make vinyl albums if you wish, and/or give away CD's as part of your concert ticket price (like Prince did)  and sell them Albums you own the rights to right out of your living room. And that's what I meant...



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