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What is the easiest recording software?

Posted 2013-10-31T23:37:14.0Z (edited 2013-11-01T01:07:56.0Z) by Steve M741
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Hey, I need a relatively inexpensive system to record a student band jamming, and to show them generaly how recording works, but don't want to turn it into a class on protools. We'd probably generally record it live, with the possibility of an overdub or two. Any ideas?


  • How many tracks do you need to record at once? What are you using for an input device? What kind of computer do you have?Stan W 2013-11-01T01:10:50.0Z
  • Do you have a Mac?JP 2013-11-01T06:42:06.0Z
  • I have a Mac and PC. Also iPad's. I have a protools setup with a Digi 003 and the eleven rack for inputs. (I'm not much of an engineer, but the gear is in my studio) I'm looking for something inexpensive and easy to use for a band of 13-14 year olds that they can use to record rehearsals AND do some basic editing/overdubbing.Steve M 2013-11-01T16:25:09.0Z
  • Have you checked out GarageBand? It's included on your Mac, and super easy to use. I'm not sure about the audio interface though... you would want something that allows you to plugin mics, etc. and then connect that to your computer. Something like the Presonus FireStudio: 2013-11-01T16:35:04.0Z
  • Sure, I've used GB a fair amount, but it's my understanding that you can't record multiple simultaneous tracks...I guess I should look into that. It would be great to somehow be able to record tracks, and then give the kids an iPad with garage band for them to screw around with.Steve M 2013-11-01T19:36:30.0Z
  • JP, you are right. GarageBand allows 8 tracks simultaneous.Steve M 2013-11-01T19:39:15.0Z

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Reply — Posted 2013-11-01T19:51:19.0Z (edited 2013-11-01T19:54:34.0Z)
Steve M741
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Ok how about something like this for an iPad recording studio...


The Auria 48 track recording system for the iPad:

Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
Record up to 24 tracks at once
Add-on plugin support (iOS format only)
AAF Import and Export
Fully featured multitrack editor


and the focusrite scarlett 18i20 interface.

What do you think?   


  • The Focusrite seems a bit expensive for an iPad/GarageBand setup.Jefe 2013-11-01T20:59:57.0Z
  • It looks good, but I'm not sure that this setup is much different than a simple Protools setup. I guess the only difference is the software, and GarageBand is easier than ProTools.JP 2013-11-01T21:14:16.0Z

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