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Open Tuning for Beginners

Asked 2013-08-14T20:40:09.0Z by Wendy C1,061
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I'm a beginner with open tunings and am looking for a practical place to start with country/blues.

I'd love suggestions of good open tunings to begin with and perhaps some easier songs to emulate/learn while becoming comfortable with he tunings.




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Reply — Posted 2013-08-21T00:15:23.0Z (edited 2013-08-25T21:34:01.0Z)
Jeff E13,506
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Probably the most common open tunings is open D.  It's used in all kinds of music...blues, rock country etc. It's called open D because when you play all the unfretted strings you get a D major chord.  Low to high the guitar is tuned D,A,D,F#,A,D

Image Here's a V chord or G in open D.

You can also play a G by laying your finger straight accross the 7th fret.

ImageA IV chord or A in open D.

You can also play an A by laying your finger straight accross the 5th fret.

Imageand your I chord or D. 

You can also play a 1 by laying your finger straight accross the 12th fret.

With these three chords you could play any number of blues tunes...

A great tune to begin with is Amazing Grace. You can play it with just the chords above.

There are tons of Open tunings to explore, and many playing techniques to compliment them. Many players use open tunings for slide playing, and lotes of fingerstyle is done this way also. one of the first tunes I learned with open D was the Alman Brothers, Little Martha.


Reply — Posted 2013-09-07T02:21:27.0Z
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I've always been a big fan of the DADGAD tuning. Here's a pretty good article about it:


Reply — Posted 2014-05-12T17:08:21.0Z
Jeff E13,506
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This is a great lesson...It's About Open D, and it's just a bunch of ideas for what you can do with it rather than a specific song.


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