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Whether you are a beginner, professional or somewhere in the middle, there is something in this online singing course is highly recommended for everyone!

Emily explains over hours of video tutorials & audio tracks how to hit those high notes, breathing techniques, warm ups, good posture, common singing mistakes, how to sing in tune, how to look after your voice, microphone technique, how to structure a song, how to overcome nerves, using vibrato, a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the voice, tips for going to auditions + for those who wish to pursue singing as a career...a complete strategy to become a professional singer!


Location: United Kingdom

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Emily Reed
This singing course is just fabulous!!! I ve learnt how to sustain longer phrases, how to hit those high beautiful notes without straining my voice and vocal folds; how to go through auditions and many many more!! The tips and recommendations are truly useful and Emily is a real pro, without any doubts!!! I would highly recommend this singing course to everyone !!!

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