Drummer's Paradise

North Miami, Florida, United States

Drums, Guitar

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Jazz, Latin, Samba, Swing, Tango, Funk, Fusion, Salsa

In Person, Group Classes

At Drummer Paradise you will learn all the differents aspects of drumming: Independence, techniques, rhythms, sight-reading and more.To enrich their rhythmic techniques, teachers supplement their sessions with exercises from Drummer Paradise's library of 100-plus instructional books and DVDs. Once they master the necessary techniques , students can even enter the Drummer Paradise studio to lay down some beats.For all the parents out there who have trouble getting their young ones to get some exercise, try sitting them on a drum kit. Not only will they get the exercise they need, they will also have fun!

Location: 13015 ne 14 ave, North Miami, Florida 33161, United States

Drummer's Paradise
Drummers Paradise Miami, FL, creative drum school to learn how to play the drums and drumming techniques.

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13015 ne 14 ave
North Miami, Florida 33161
United States


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