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A musical style called "Merengue"


Lets talk about a musical style called “Merengue” which sometimes is called the national dance of the Dominican Republic. A typical and simple Merengue ensemble is called a “Conjunto Típico”.

The rhythm section may include an accordion, a Tambora which is a two sided drum held on the lap, and a Güira.
The Güira is a home-made percussion instrument made from a sheet of metal perforated with a nail and then rolled into a cylinder. World famous Merengue artists include Juan Luis Guerra, Wilfrido Vargas, Sergio Vargas, Johnny Ventura, Los Hermanos Rosario and many others.

I personally admire the music of Juan Luis Guerra very much. Please make sure you look up for his songs in YouTube.
The following video lesson features example 1 (page 5) from my book “Merengue Piano Styles”


You can find more about this book at:

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