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  • Ear Training for Dummies - Episode 1


    Ear Training for Dummies - Episode 1 with Carlos and Lorna - Can I develop my Musical Ears? [link] Don t watch this video if you already can - hear any melody and play it perfectly on your instrume...

  • A musical style called "Merengue"


    Lets talk about a musical style called Merengue which sometimes is called the national dance of the Dominican Republic. A typical and simple Merengue ensemble is called a Conjunto T pico . The rhyt...

  • Thoughts on Ear Training


    Perception and Understanding Before we practice ear training, lets realize that we are not actually training our physical ears but rather training our minds. We are not trying to hear more, but lea...

  • Ear Training 101 - Online Class


    Ear Training 101 - Online Class A video featuring a few minutes from an hour long online Ear Training class I did a few weeks ago. We were using "Movable Do" during the whole session. We started by...

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