Blaine F. Heeter III

Blaine F. Heeter III

Richmond, Indiana, United States; Huber Heights, Ohio, United States; Miamisburg, Ohio, United States

Blaine F. Heeter III

Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Classical, Opera, Showtunes

Private, Group Classes

I am a very direct, straight to the point type of teacher.  Since life is typically short in retrospect, I believe in laying a very thorough and profound foundation for my students on which to build a firm understanding of the basic theories and techniques of their choice of instrument study (voice or piano).  When the student displays progress we move on to the next level, however I do believe in regularly revisisting past selections to build proficiency and sense of mastery. 

Since lessons are usually only once per week, outside study and daily practice is crucial to your progress. 

Very importantly, since we are all of different ages and backgrounds I like to establish a good student-teacher relationship in order to better understand them so that I may tailor my teaching to enhance their learning experience.  Therefore, lesson times are always like workshops so that the student may feel free to experiment with their musicality while taking advantage of one on one coaching and training. 

Most importantly, while I expect the student to take their learning and development seriously, I do encourage all my students to have fun while learning and making great music.

Location: 1014 East Main Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374, United States

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Blaine F. Heeter III

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1014 East Main Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374
United States


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