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  • Guitar is for Scrappers


    Learning guitar is for scrappers. It’s not for wimps, prima-donnas or quitters. It’s hard to learn. Hard that is, depending on your teacher – I’ll come back to that. It’s a plank of wood with diffe...

  • Dudley's Studio Pt 2


    Over the last few weeks, there has been much progress in the recording studio!  Local sound engineer Ashley Shepherd (who has worked with Peter Frampton) made a trip down to Nashville and returned ...

  • Benefits of Music Education


    This is a sample blog article written by Espie Estrella and can be found here: [link] 5 Reasons to Play a Musical Instrument Learning to play a musical instrument offers a lot of benefits. I person...

  • Can the music industry learn from open-source culture?


    This is a sample blog article, written by Stuart Dredge and can be found here: [link] Musician Damon Krukowski has already made waves with one Pitchfork op-ed on streaming music royalties. He retur...

  • Six Reasons Why I Love Jazz


    This is a sample blog article, written by Ronan Guilfoyle and found here: [link] I was recently reading all the hype about the new Gatsby film, and reading so much rubbish, (at least in the Irish p...

  • Dudley's Studio Pt 1


    Dudley's Studio Pt 1 ~Transition~   "I want you, (to) show me the way," (this thing works),is a phrase that kept running through my head as I tried to figure out the complicated connections of the ...

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