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  • Everything That You Should Know About Violin


    Home Violin Lessons Blog Everything That You Should Know About Violin Introduction Most of the people would love to play a single music instrument. Still not many will go for violin, although it ca...

  • Keyboard


    Home Piano Lessons Blog Keyboard The keyboard is a set of adjacent keys on a musical instrument that can be depressed. This is mostly in the case of a piano. Keyboards consists of keys that are req...

  • Slash Chords: Brief Theory & Chart


    Slash chords, also known as inverted chords, have nothing to do with the Guns n Roses player. They re the chords you ve seen with two notes and a / separating them. Like this: C/G. Hence the name s...

  • Autel MAXITPMS Diag/TPMS/Service Tablet TS608


    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 is diagnostics, service and TPMS tablet with mini Bluetooth Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) for wireless connectivity. The tool features an embedded antenna for TPMS...

    • Emily Zhang
    • Emily Zhang Blog
    • Emily Zhang
    • 44
    • TS608, MaxiTPMS TS608, Autel TS608, Autel MaxiTPMS TS608
  • How to Update the Icarscan software


    The two pictures following will solve some icarscan problems: 1.User registration and login 2.Icarscan device activation 3.Icarscan device installation 4.Purchase diagnostic software 5.How to Dowin...

  • Thoughts on Ear Training


    Perception and Understanding Before we practice ear training, lets realize that we are not actually training our physical ears but rather training our minds. We are not trying to hear more, but lea...

  • Ear Training 101 - Online Class


    Ear Training 101 - Online Class A video featuring a few minutes from an hour long online Ear Training class I did a few weeks ago. We were using "Movable Do" during the whole session. We started by...

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