Inspiration from the Life of Eric Clapton


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Inspiration from the Life of Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a renowned guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He is also a three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Several media outlets have heaped a lot of praise on him. For example, the Rolling Stone Magazine ranks him highly in its list of the top-100 guitarists worldwide. Moreover, the Times Magazine ranks him at number five in its list of the top-10 electric guitar players of all time.

Eric's Thirst for Music Was Unquenchable

Eric got his first guitar when he was thirteen years old. It was a birthday gift from his loved ones. At first, he expressed great interest in learning how to play it. Unfortunately, he lost this interest when playing it became too difficult for him. He regained this interest two years later after he listened to some blues records. He picked up the guitar again and he started playing it consistently. Interestingly, Eric had a Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder. He used this recorder to save his practice sessions. He replayed those practice sessions until he got it right.

Career Breakthrough and International Success

Eric's talent went unnoticed until he was sixteen years old. In 1961, he performed in a duo in various clubs with other blues enthusiasts including David Brock. At seventeen years, Eric joined his first band, the Rooster, which played R&B. He stayed with the band for eight months and then he left for gigs with the Engineers and Casey Jones. Today, Eric is a success in music, both as a solo singer and as a band member.

Inspiration from the Life of Eric Clapton

After receiving his first guitar, Eric gave up hope of playing it because he thought it was difficult. Fortunately, he tried it one more time and he kept working at it. Music students should follow Eric's example. More specifically, they should dedicate their time and energy to their passion. Doing so will lead to success eventually.

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Inspiration from the Life of Eric Clapton

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