Smart Right Hand Fingering


As with my last blog on Left Hand Positioning, the quality of your bass guitar playing in executing fast complex material will ultimately come down to efficiency of the way your right (plucking) hand works on the instrument. For all you lefties out there, just mirror-image this information. I think it just really comes down to common sense in the choices that you make for yourself. The goal should be to get the right hand to move and deliver the sounds that you want in the most efficient and relaxed way as is possible. It’s also important to know that will be situations that will leave you no choice but to break every rule in your book to play a certain piece of music. Just make part of your practice time focused on fingering choices, try different ways of playing something. The following online Skype bass lesson shows some exercises that will help prepare your right hand for this way of practicing. I hope you will consider some live online Skype bass lessons for yourself, they really work great and I can help you get better. Thanks for your time and interest.

Russ Rodgers

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