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  • European Tour 2013


    Spring 2013 European Tour Blog This was our second tour of Europe, the first one completed in January of 2012. All of the shows on the first tour were in the Netherlands, thanks to a booking agent ...

  • A month in the mid-west can be the best


    Well, folks, my time in Madison, WI is almost over :-( It's been such an enjoyable experience working with the lovely staff at Madison Opera, spending time with my colleagues in and out of rehearsa...

  • Playing House


    I went from four months in the Big Apple to a quick week home for Easter and wedding planning in the Big Easy to my next gig--in the Big Cheesy? I'm here in Madison, Wisconsin singing Zerlina in Do...

  • "Diva" party of 1


    This post comes to you from the quietest table in a very loud restaurant in Washington, D.C. This morning I took the train from NYC to sing a concert which is being held tomorrow evening at the Ita...

  • Soprano vs Bridezilla


    Ah, March, I had such high hopes for you...would you kindly slow down for me so I can accomplish everything I must get done before the end of the month? What can I say? Sometimes life has other pla...

  • Deep Deep Blue


    Well, 2013 has started off with a bang! I am releasing my next album, Deep Deep Blue on May 7th. It feels good to finally release DDB - I think I twiddled with it for too long. That's what happens ...

  • February: Short on days, high on drama


    February has been a wonderfully busy month of rehearsals, auditions and lessons (not to mention my newest hobby, BLOGGING) amidst my "normal life". I'm glad to wake up tomorrow morning to March int...

  • Wednesday for the Win


    I woke up Wednesday morning at 6:45am because I had an audition for Dallas Opera (a company I performed with last season) at 10:50am. No, I don't need 4 hours to get ready--how high maintenance do ...

  • Chef Paul Does It Again!


    They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This explains why when I had my "eye" on Chef Paul 5 years ago I brought Jambalaya to a party so I could casually broadcast to him that ...

  • NOLA in NYC


    Happy Mardi Gras! Yes, to the rest of the world--including NYC where I'm currently living, it's just a plain, old Tuesday, but I grew up in New Orleans where yesterday, today and tomorrow are consi...

  • There's No Business Like SNOW Business


    Whew, what a week! First week of rehearsals, two auditions, a voice lesson and a was a typical work week for an opera singer, but add on top of that the blizzard looming over us all ...

  • Sunday Funday


    Chef Paul and I were among the crowds at Trader Joe's the afternoon of Superbowl Sunday. Somehow we made it out alive and I'll sleep better knowing that my fridge is well stocked! With rehearsals b...

  • North Carolina Blues


    So it’s been a year since I moved to Chapel Hill from North Carolina. I lived in Seattle since the summer of 1990. That was the longest I have ever been in one place. It all started in Washington D...

  • Netherlands Adventure 2012


    Netherlands Adventure – January 2012 For American musicians a tour of Europe is quite like a trip to the ‘promised land’ – There is an old running joke you tell after a poor showing at a gig "Well,...

  • 3 Important tools for any guitar student


    The first one I would like to recommend is the website   [link] Hope this helps! The post 3 Important tools for any guitar student appeared first on Udi Glaser - guitarist, guitar teacher, composer .

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