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  • Ear Training for Dummies - Episode 1


    Ear Training for Dummies - Episode 1 with Carlos and Lorna - Can I develop my Musical Ears? [link] Don t watch this video if you already can - hear any melody and play it perfectly on your instrume...

  • Classical Guitar version of Family Guy Theme Song


    Pretty much every instrument was included in this arrangement on a 7-string custom classical guitar [link]

  • A musical style called "Merengue"


    Lets talk about a musical style called Merengue which sometimes is called the national dance of the Dominican Republic. A typical and simple Merengue ensemble is called a Conjunto T pico . The rhyt...

  • Slash Chords: Brief Theory & Chart


    Slash chords, also known as inverted chords, have nothing to do with the Guns n Roses player. They re the chords you ve seen with two notes and a / separating them. Like this: C/G. Hence the name s...

  • Autel MAXITPMS Diag/TPMS/Service Tablet TS608


    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 is diagnostics, service and TPMS tablet with mini Bluetooth Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) for wireless connectivity. The tool features an embedded antenna for TPMS...

    • Emily Zhang
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    • Emily Zhang
    • 34
    • TS608, MaxiTPMS TS608, Autel TS608, Autel MaxiTPMS TS608
  • How to Update the Icarscan software


    The two pictures following will solve some icarscan problems: 1.User registration and login 2.Icarscan device activation 3.Icarscan device installation 4.Purchase diagnostic software 5.How to Dowin...

  • Thoughts on Ear Training


    Perception and Understanding Before we practice ear training, lets realize that we are not actually training our physical ears but rather training our minds. We are not trying to hear more, but lea...

  • Ear Training 101 - Online Class


    Ear Training 101 - Online Class A video featuring a few minutes from an hour long online Ear Training class I did a few weeks ago. We were using "Movable Do" during the whole session. We started by...

  • How to Throw Halloween Party on a Budget?


    Halloween season is here! Shoppers prepare your things for the celebration and throwing a party right now. If you are thinking about to throwing an inside house party for the Halloween, there is to...

  • Classical Guitar Study Books


    This is the updated list of the guitar study books for Trinity College grade exams Aural 1a) Trinity College London Aural Tests Book 1  Initial Grade to Grade 5 (2017): 1b) Trinity College London A...

  • Finding Your Inner Ps


    How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice ...goes the old saying. Honestly, singing at Carnegie Hall wasn't even on my radar of immediate desires. I just look forward to whateve...

  • Guitar Books


    This is a short list of essential and classical guitar books (from Amazon) that I grew up on and teach from: 1) For acoustic guitar: Eric Clapton Unplugged 2) For electric guitar: Joe Satriani Surf...

  • Small but smart: guitar amps recommendations


    These are 2 guitar amps recommendations which are compact and useful: 1) Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amplifier Black this guitar amp by Roland is compact, light, has all the necessary effects and i...

  • Chill Out and Sing in 2017


    Learning to chill with even more joy in 2017 can be yours by learning to cultivate vocal and breathe routines into your mornings can bring better ways to deal with stress and bringing more joy for ...

  • Fall in New York Kitty


    Who doesn't love Fall? The weather is great, the clothes are stylish and pumpkins are everywhere -- especially in everything I want to buy to eat and drink at Trader Joe's. In the past six opera se...

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