Andria Gaskill

San Francisco, California, United States

Voice (or Vocals)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Cabaret, Chamber Music, Classical, Opera, Showtunes

In Person, Group Classes

I'm a classically trained vocalist from California with a degree in Vocal Performance from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB. 

Vocal Teachers I've worked with privately include Marvellee Cariaga, Linda Leyrer, and Dean Erick. I've participated in master classes with Susanna Guzman, Roberta Alexander, Tim MacDougall, and Stephanie Vlahos. I've sung under the baton of Eric Whitacre, Jon Talberg, Matthew Tressler, Dean Erick, Vance Wolverton and more!

I teach private vocal lessons for the beginning and intermediate singer. We focus on both technical aspects of singing such as breathing and posture as well as interpretive aspects. We prepare for auditions, shows, and other performances as well as expanding the repertoire and knowledge of the singer. I find it very important to also work on the singers knowledge of theory and sight reading skills to create a well rounded musician.

I also tutor music theory to prepare for AP tests or help with theory knowledge up to undergraduate level college courses.

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Location: San Francisco, California 94118, United States

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Andria Gaskill
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