Amber Gregersen

Amber Gregersen

Newton, Massachusetts, United States


Beginner, Intermediate

Classical, Folk, Jazz, Showtunes

In Person

Though all students of piano must learn the same foundations of music, we each bring our personality and individual gifts to the music we create. My husband fittingly coined the phrase that embodies what I do- I do it uniquely as me. The music becomes my own sound, AmberSound.

Because we are all different, music can be discovered in each student’s world uniquely to them. I believe that is the key to loving music and becoming confident in it. As a teacher, my responsibility is to help each student find their own sound. I believe in personalized lessons where  students  are excited about and ready to learn the beauty of piano. My program expects the best of its students and requires hard work.  As each student is honest and committed to finding joy in music, they will achieve confidence and success.


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Location: Newton, Massachusetts 02458, United States

Amber Gregersen

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