Adolfo Mendonca

Adolfo Mendonca

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Jazz, Bebop, Bossa Nova, Big Band, Blues, Disco, Funk, Fusion, Latin, Modern Jazz, Rock & Roll, Salsa, Swing, Samba

In Person, Remote, Online Content, Group Classes

Adolfo Mendonca is a Brazilian pianist that recently lived in the United States and now lives in Brazil. He has performed in venues in Brazil, United States, France and Mexico, including the Blue Note Sao Paulo, Jazz a Vienne Festival, St. Petersburg Jazz Festival, Sarasota Jazz Festival, Santos Jazz Festival and several other performances in the United States and Brazil.

His mission is build a cultural bridge between Brazil and the United States, promoting jazz in Brazil and Brazilian music in the United States, both as a performer and as an educator.

He holds a master's degree in Jazz Studies (University of South Florida) and a bachelor's in Music Education (Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos). He also attended lessons with outstanding instructors, such as Lynne Arriale, Chuck Owen, Mark Taylor, Per Danielsson, Martin Bejerano, Tammy Scheffer and Chris Rottmayer. In addition, he attended additional music programs such as the New York Jazz Academy and Sao Paulo State School of Music.

As an educator, he holds a full-time teaching position at Guarulhos Municipal Conservatory, in Brazil and was invited for masterclasses in Brazilian colleges such as USP, Unicamp, Unesp, Souza Lima Berklee, Santa Marcelina and Emesp in addition to other Brazilian music schools and some colleges in the United States

In addition to performances with his own trio and quartet, he has worked and performed in Brazil with Arthur Maia, Byafra, Piska and many others. In the United States, he worked with O Som do Jazz, Kenny Anderson, the grammy award winner Jose Valentino Ruiz, La Lucha and performed with his own trio.    
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Location: São Paulo, SP 03008, Brazil

Adolfo Mendonca

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