Alexander R Adams, bass-baritone

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Portland, Oregon, United States

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About Alexander R Adams, bass-baritone

Hello, my name is Alexander. I teach a general healthy singing technique, supported by current vocal science, which can be applied to any style of music. I have a Masters in Music from the University of Southern California where I received training in opera performance, music theory, and vocal pedagogy. With over 10 years of performance experience and 4 years of teaching students of all ages, I am confident we can turn your voice into something you are proud of.

I work with new students to establish proper breath support, healthy vocalization, and resonance for a solid foundation that will make singing in any style painless and easy. With these new habits, you will find your range increasing, your breath lasting longer, and your voice sounding richer and louder. As we progress, we will learn new songs in a variety of styles to expand your repertoire, explore singing in other languages, and create opportunities for you to perform and show off your new skills! I also offer Music Theory, College Prep for Musicians, Diction Coaching, Voice Acting, and other lessons at the same rate, contact me for details.

Lessons are taught out of my studio in SE Portland, between Tigard and Lake Oswego, near PCC.  I am fortunate to have access to a beautiful, acoustically treated music room, complete with a baby grand piano and recording equipment, as a space for teaching my lessons.  I can also travel to students' homes in the surrounding area for an added fee*, provided that a piano is available (electric is fine).

I have had a lifelong passion for music; singing really feels like a part of who I am. More than anything else I love to lead others down the same path and show them all the exciting possibilities that music can offer. From complete beginners for whom music is just a hobby to advanced students looking to major or minor in music at university, I can offer guidance every step of the way.

Location: Portland, Oregon 97219, United States

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Alexander R Adams, bass-baritone
classically trained singer, voice actor, and teacher

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