Viara Ivanova Contemporary Vocal Lessons

Viara Ivanova Contemporary Vocal Lessons


Viara Ivanova Contemporary Vocal Lessons
60 minute Skype lessons Contemporary Vocals Public Speaking

Voice (or Vocals)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

R&B, Rock & Roll, Reggae, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Showtunes, Folk, Dance, jazz , Blues, Country, Gospel, Theory, New Age

Private, Video Technology (Skype or similar), Group Classes

Viara is a professional singer, an experienced singing teacher and a vocal coach, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She's also a touring singer-songwriter and a graduate from the BA(Hons) Applied music course at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

Viara teaches from absolute beginners to advanced students, usually starting from age 10+. Viara has worked with hundreds of students – privately in her studio in Glasgow when she was based in Scotland, internationally - over Skype, and at songwriting and vocal workshops she organizes in the UK and in Bulgaria.

Viara has previously worked as a vocal tutor at Melrose Music School Glasgow, and taught at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Viara holds an ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory (Distinction) and an HND in Music Performance and a BA(Hons) Applied Music from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Viara's main instrument is voice, she also plays bass guitar, ac. guitar and piano.

As a performer Viara has 15 years of experience: both in bands and as a solo artist, and songwriter. She has toured in the UK and Europe, featured in radio and TV shows in Portugal and Bulgaria, written for Music Idol finalists in Bulgaria.

Viara wants her students to build up their confidence as a singer and will help coach them on overall performance techniques as well as vocal ones. Viara understands how nerve wracking it can be performing and will help you gain the confidence you need to perform the songs you have been working on, whether its in front of one person or a thousand people.

Each voice is different and each student’s goals will be as well, Viara will help you find your voice as a singer, enabling you to reach your full singing potential! You can find out more about what Viara can offer you below:

Vocal Lessons:

Your lessons will focus on you gaining a better understanding of how your voice works. In addition to the vocal lessons, you'll get a set of exercises designed for your voice specifically, that you can use as your practice routine, so you can fully benefit from your singing lessons with me. With regular practice you'll manage to

Smooth out breaks in your voice

Improve your intonation and phrasing

Ease out any strain you might feel when singing (those high notes!)

Feel more confident and enjoy singing

Get the best of your voice when auditioning, on stage or in the studio

Learn to sing with a backing track, with guitar/piano accompaniment and a cappella

Music Theory, Rock School Exams, Highers:

I teach music theory as well, and have prepared pupils for their Rock School Vocal exams, so get in touch if you need some help with passing exams or auditions.

Skype Singing Lessons:

Off on tour or away for longer periods of time? Not to worry! As a touring musician myself I find Skype to be a great tool to keep in touch with students, colleagues, business partners and, of course, family. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a decent computer and a mic.


I often work with singer-songwriters on polishing their songs. We spend time analyzing their songwriting process and we look at the way they approach harmony and melody. We discuss subjects that range from style specific vocal production when in studio to looking after their voices when on tour.

Music Qualifications / Achievements:

BA (Hons) Applied Music, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) – (Vocal Performance and Songwriting)

HND Popular music performance – Stevenson College Edinburgh, UK - (Vocal Performance)

Music Theory – ABRSM Grade 5 Distinction

Location: Bulgaria


Viara Ivanova Contemporary Vocal Lessons
60 minute Skype lessons Contemporary Vocals Public Speaking

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