Rob Roeder

Rob Roeder

Austin, Texas, United States

Bass Guitar, Guitar: Bass Guitar

Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Youth, Beginner

jazz , Blues, Disco, Rock & Roll, Funk, Metal, Country, R&B, Theory

In Person, Remote

I first taught bass while attending BIT, the bass section of Musician's Institute in Los Angeles. I have taught at Austin Guitar School, as well as occasionally through the University of Texas informal classes system. I have also worked as a teacher and support musician for National Guitar Workshop, I now teach from my home studio in the 78702 area.

I like to use songs as examples of the concepts we're talking about, and I focus the lessons on each student's specific interests.

Students have said:

"Good afternoon, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the lesson,
I believe you are the teacher to get me to the next level.
Looking forward to the next lesson
Thank You so much"

"Thanks for giving me a direction and helping me get started the right way."

"Great lesson today! Thank you for your patience with me!"

I've written for many of the bands I've played in, and I also write and produce for stock music libraries. I'm happy to do songwriting and production lessons even if you're not a bass player ;^)

I can help you with:

Songwriting / composition:

Harmony / chord progressions
Melodic development
Rhythmic development & grooves


Tracking instruments
Programming virtual instruments
Mixing and mastering

My studio has Sibelius, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Audacity, Fission, etc., we can work on any aspect of the process you need help with, or we can start with an idea and end up with a recorded song!


Location: 1909 East 10th Street, Austin, Texas 78702, United States

Rob Roeder
"Let's play!"

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1909 East 10th Street
Austin, Texas 78702
United States

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